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Martin McDonald
Sept. 7, 2019

I had only one photo of wife and myself together on our anniversary. She looked terrific but I was feeling under the weather and really looked it. Less than 2 hours after emailing Martin the pic …I was healed! He corrected skin tone, fixed my puffy eyes and adjusted smile. Changes were subtle yet made a dramatic difference and looked completely natural.

Thanks again, Martin !


Sal & Celeb Mr Piven
Jan. 15, 2019

I left a review on YELP also earlier this evening.

"Martin helped restore a picture that was in serious need of repair. This was a very special—once in a life time photo—of myself alongside Celeb Mr. Piven. Martin's response time was great and so were the results. Very professional. Would definitely use again."

Thank You again Martin !


The Henleys
November 30, 2018

Martin did a great job photoshopping a family picture. We have 3 small kids and needed a lot of help to make into into a good picture of all three kids together. He did an awesome job, very quick turnaround and easy to work with. My husband and I are very pleased with the final product.


Kroger, Burrur & Nelson
October 18, 2018

We worked with Martin on two issues: photograph editing and logo creation. For the photo editing, Martin was extremely responsive and the photo he produced appeared as if it were the original without any sign of editing. Martin also worked with us extensively on the logo, giving professional advice and excellent insight into how to best present our firm. I would highly recommend Martin who provides an first-rate product in a efficient manner.

E. Dale Burrus


Needed my headshot photo fixed for a brochure
August 6, 2018

“Great work! I had a project with a short deadline and needed photo work done accurately and quickly. Martin turned it around immediately with excellent results. I am highly satisfied with the outcome and recommend alpha omega to anyone on a tight deadline.”



Need Work on my Photos for my Book
July 5, 2018

Excellent editing. Prompt delivery. Easy to work with.
Thanks for the wonderful photos!

Michael B.


Juice Box
Oct. 13, 2017

Martin has been a pleasure to work with start to finish. Most importantly he was able to produce extremely high quality photos for a great price. Martin helped guide us on the right angles for the photos to properly display our product. He was professional, attentive to details I requested and followed through with every deadline. I will recommend to anyone looking for professional photos for a great price. I was beyond satisfied with his service and will be returning for all my photo needs.
Thank you for the great work Martin!

Alex Sneider/Owner


Down2Earth Massage
June 28, 2017

If your looking for exemplary work look no further! Martin will go above and beyond. Time efficient, detail oriented, and brings pure quality to the table!
I couldn't be more than pleased with his photo retouching work. It's hard in this line of work to trust there experience. I'll definitely be keeping Martin in mind for future projects. Thanks again!

Kathleen Taylor


Equine Sport Import
October 11, 2016

What an easy, uncomplicated and successful experience it was to work with Martin.

There was never any doubt as to Martin’s understanding what I was looking for and the photos he created for my Amazon Market Place Store, were exactly as per my specifications.

He is quick to respond to emails and very quick to produce the photos. I have no doubt I will be back for more. Professional help and his ideas from Martin in the future and I fully recommend him to anyone out there for any design or photography jobs!

Wencke Payne
CEO Equine Sport Import


JLC Dental Products
March 22, 2016

Getting ready to launch a new product into the marketplace is no easy task. Working with Martin at Alpha and Omega Design gave us a new insight to the marketing ideas, logos, graphics, videos, and tradeshow displays we needed. The process has been educational as he has made us understand the need for branding and how to go about it.

Martin by far, goes the extra mile to ensure that you are obtaining the items you need for a full marketing campaign. His attention to detail is extraordinary. He is professional, easy to work with, and will have your best interest in mind. Most of all he is passionate about his work and it shows in the end product!
Thank you Martin, for being in our corner!

Anne Pencak, RDA / Marketing Sales Director
JLC Dental Products, LLC


Sept. 18, 2015

I was looking for a photographer that could remove a person from a photo. Martin was the only one that responded to my email request and asked me to email him a quick cell phone shot of the picture so he could look at it. Martin responded that same day and said he could remove the person and asked me to snail mail the actual photo print to him. Martin received the picture Friday morning and that afternoon let me know he was done. I was so impressed with the quick turn-around, I went to Martin's studio right away to pick up the picture. I was truly amazed how breathtaking this picture captured my brother and his two girls flawlessly. Martin's professionalism on the picture is truly amazing, and you would never know there was a fourth person in that picture. I cannot thank Martin enough for getting this done so quickly and for doing an incredible job. Martin, took a picture that was at the bottom of a drawer and made it a master piece. It was truly a pleasure working with him.

Thank you,


Custom Solutions, LLC
August 5, 2015

I found alpha & omega Design by searching the internet for the 5 most highly recommended product photographers in Houston. After a brief vm, I got a call back from the owner himself (Martin) asking me what I was interested in doing. I have just started my own company that sells high end custom pistols and needed 5 different angle shots of more than 20 pistols. I wasn't sure what to expect but as soon as I saw the film studio and the extreme attention to detail to each and every photograph, I knew I had found a true professional who cares about not only about the outcome, but being a super easy guy to be around and work with. The process was fun and I learned a few things about photography along the way. I also had him come and take shots of our professional showroom and the results were just like they were in the studio "outstanding". He completed everything he said he would on time and on budget. The best part is, he took the time to make the photographs of our product WORLD CLASS. I am beyond impressed with his work and would not hesitate to recommend alpha & omega Design to anyone looking for extremely high quality photographs. Rest assured, we will be back when we receive more inventory to photograph. Thanks Mr. Jordan for making our products looks so unbelievably good - and none of the images were photoshopped! He is a true Master of Lighting Control. I could not be more thrilled with the outcome.
Thanks Martin - well done, sir.

Kind regards,

Adam / President


Main Squeeze Pillow, LLC
May 26, 2015

When you first walk into this studio, you can see the meticulous efforts to detail. It is a clean and crisp feeling that flows all the way through to their final work/product. This firm does not just snap photos, they capture your product to it's full potential and follow through with every single commitment they make. In addition to the quality of work, they take the time to educate you on their processes to help you understand every aspect of what they do. This is truly comforting in knowing where and exactly how every dollar is spent with them. These guys are honest and they deliver like no other contractor I work with. They just simply go above and beyond.

Brian Riddick/Owner
Main Squeeze Pillow, LLC


Gulf Coast Fluid Power
May 1, 2015

We had no idea where to start or what direction to take. We needed everything. Martin held our hands through the whole design process for all the stuff we needed. He was very patient and very professional. He knew exactly the results we were hoping to achieve and totally provided the guidance that we needed too. Working with Martin was a true pleasure. His professionalism, experience and guidance helped us achieve exactly what we were truly hoping for in a brochure. After that he did an excellent job designing our company business cards, logo and website. From drawing out a blueprint plan for our site, helping us choose the right hosting company and features we would need, to taking photography, building the site and SEO. Virtually everything he worked on, we didn't have to worry about a thing knowing he had everything under control and was delivering way beyond our expectations. I highly recommend Martin to anyone looking for expertise in advertising and marketing solutions.

Al Nelson / Owner
Gulf Coast Fluid Power


HBA Strategy Group, LLC
April 2, 2015

alpha & omega DESIGN have been our go-to studio for product photography since the launch of our business. Martin Jordan, owner and artist, has a unique understanding of both the art involved in creating beautiful photography, as well as our business needs to be served by these photos. He has consistently demonstrated his talents in creating photos that are visually appealing, easy to use for any purpose, capturing the nuances that differentiate our products from competition and are exactly what we needed. With his vast experience, he provides valuable advice that helps us plan our photography to meet all our needs with minimal effort. Best of all—while being only one of alpha & omega's numerous clients—we always enjoy Martin’s personal attention, fast turnaround and precision work. We may not be their most important client, but they make us feel like we are.

HBA Strategy Group, LLC
Hilla Barzilai-Abileah/Owner


Leading Testing Laboratories
alpha & omega DESIGN came through for us in a big way! Being an International Business Incubator and working with various Marketing & PR firms we have seen our fair share of product shots and pricing for such. In our business as in all business when it comes to the bottom line we made sure to look for and find the best results for the best price which we found with alpha & omega DESIGN. We recently acquired a new line of products and were up against a tight marketing campaign deadline. When quoted with high prices for sub par shots by other places, we decided to stay local and were lucky enough to find Martin at alpha & omega DESIGN. The quick turn around time for such outstanding work is virtually unheard of in business today, but Martin seems to have a handle on what it takes to accomplish this task while acquiring long lasting partnerships. We will definitely be calling on Martin for all of our future multi media needs. We highly recommend anyone looking for great service with the best results to decide to work with alpha & omega DESIGN. A big—Thank You—to Martin from all of us at Forest Lighting and LTL International.

Alex Coba
Director of Marketing & Business Develoment



alpha & omega DESIGN worked to create several flyers for us, as well as our company website. He worked tirelessly with us to create the best marketing tools we could ask for. In total Martin created three flyers and a brochure for us over the course of a few months. These items were made to stand out and sent to print in record time. He worked with us to design an amazing website and even photographed several of the products to produce a unique look. Every time we hit a bump in the road, he helped to find a solution that exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend his work for all design purposes. We are sure to continue to be repeat customers.

Ashley Smith
Marketing Assistant

Steve Sproat
General Manager


PF Waterworks
Over the past few years my company’s product line has grown leaps & bounds which has required us to constantly develop new packaging that involves taking product shots. Photographing our products though is not the only thing we needed. These product shots usually always need customized effects and techniques applied of some sort, to show certain functions of our products and one thing we have learned, Martin has a very deep understanding on how to achieve any look, effect or treatment to an image to get the desired goal I'm looking for. When I discuss with him about a certain photo and what we need to show or to emphasize, I'm constantly amazed to see how he approaches each photo and how he digs into his—bag of tricks—to get that photo where it needs to be. His skills in photography are great, but his skill set with Photoshop is truly amazing. He's a very determined, detailed photo artist and I have no problem recommending him with full confidence for whatever your needs may be.

Best Regards,
Sanjay Ahuja/President
PF Waterworks


Our company needed some product images for a catalog customer of ours, on the fly, and for a reasonable amount. After calling around to several different companies in the area, and not having much luck, I found Martin with alpha & omega Design and he was able to give me a reasonable quote and get the job done very quickly. Our requirements weren’t too extensive, but when he showed up with the work, I was thoroughly impressed. I felt he went above and beyond with his work and to get this done for us. I will definitely go straight to alpha & omega Design next time we need something else done – fabulous job!”

Alyssa Allen / Epilady Associate Director

After years of using outdated product photos, we decided it was time for an update. We marveled at the high quality professional photos taken by some of our resale partners to promote our products, and didn't realize that the only reason they were taking such nice photos was that ours were so poor. Since ours is a mostly visual sale process—our products are viewed by our customers on a computer screen or in a print catalog— the digital images are a HUGE KEY to our success. We hired alpha & omega DESIGN to shoot one of our new products as a test, and the images were so clean, the photography so artful, that we asked them to shoot our entire product line.

The results are spectacular! The images are clean and refined, and most importantly, they make our product line look magnificent. They really "pop" now.

All I can say now is, "thank you so much alpha & omega DESIGN, for saving us from our dull digital images and providing us with a powerful sales tool, essential to our business success"!

With many thanks,
Amir Abileah, Vice President


Being the owner of a manufacturing company, we needed to modernize our product presentation. We contacted Marin Jordan with alpha & omega DESIGN for some ideas & assistance. Martin responded quickly with a rough draft on a variety of ideas. Martin spent the time to familiarize himself with our company, its products & even its history. This led him to suggest numerous ideas, from simple and budget friendly, to more aggressive comprehensive video presentations and photography for our new product brochures & catalog. We settled somewhere in the middle. Martin spent a lot of time communicating back & forth before we even began. During the actual production, Martin listened to our last minute ideas & went along with or suggested alternatives. Post-production again involved a lot of communication.

Overall, Martin spent a tremendous amount of time & energy on our "little" project. I would highly recommend alpha & omega DESIGN to others.

JB Spilger/Owner
Texican Specialty Products, Inc.


Amazing Scanning Service
May 11, 2015

I recently used Martin at Alpha Omega Design to scan old slides onto a CD. My experience was wonderful in all aspects. First, I called Martin to ask questions regarding the scanning process. Martin patiently and expertly explained all aspects of the job to me. When I dropped off the slides at his studio, he was professional and friendly. Best of all, the job was done FAST!!!!
I could hardly believe it when Martin emailed a couple of days later to say that the slides were done. We arranged a pick-up and I was pleased with Martin's flexibility and willingness to work with my availability. My 50+ year old slides look amazing. Martin not only scanned them, he lovingly restored and retouched the images. I am so pleased with the results and I will use Alpha & Omega Design for any future photography needs. Additionally, I feel confident endorsing and referring this company to friends and family.

Diane Sanchez


Gold Herringbone Productions (New York, St. Louis, Honolulu)
April 4, 2015

To whom it may concern:

It’s an exception to the rule to find a service or firm that does what it says it can do and even more unusual for a firm to follow through and go beyond expectations. This is exactly what Martin Jordan of alphaomegaDESIGN did for me just this week.

I have produced corporate events for some of this country’s largest corporations and Martin is exactly the kind of artist you can depend upon. He treats each task as important and from what was a small job for me to my future complex graphic work he clearly has the attention to detail no matter who had hired him or his firm that is rare in today’s world. You’ll find him honest, talented and he’s there after the work to answer questions and assist in any follow through you might need. Exceeds all expectations!

Jeff B. Johnson


PureCare Cleaning Products
I was looking for the photographer for my company to take several shots of our cleaning prodWucts. hat I liked the most when I first contacted Martin on a phone that he didn’t promise to do the job right away. He first asked me to take a quick picture of a couple of products with my phone and email them to him to make sure he would be able to provide quality images. Martin answered back to me with pricing and time frame within a couple of hours. What I noticed while working with Martin on this project was that he always tried to respond right away to any question I had. Martin knew that I was very pressed for time and needed all images ASAP so he did everything he could to speed up the project. I was so surprised that after dropping our products at his studio around 5pm, I already had his first shot for approval at 6am the next morning!  Martin even agreed to talk to our company’s web designer to discuss all the requirements for the images for our company’s website. All I can say is that I’m extremely pleased with the outcome of the images and how professionally Martin was dealing with all my requests. He is a great person to work with!

Anna Galonskaya / Owner


FAMA Design
Working with Martin has been a great experience. We had a huge amount of products (about 650 items) that was so big and moving each one was quite a hassle. Martin was very patient and worked tirelessly to photograph everything for our new website. It wasn't an easy task since each piece was very large in our small space, but Martin always was making small adjustments to accommodate each shot. He helped us organize the shoot and at the end he delivered beautiful work that was the starting point of our business.

We still are working with him with other stuff and we definitely will keep working with him as we add new products.

Luis Perusquía
Marketing Manager


Our company has worked with Martin for many years on various projects. With our huge product line we wanted original photos that were like no other. The product shots and photo shoots were very meticulous and needed extra time and attention. Martin walked through the whole process with us, listened to our concerns on what we wanted and he built the photo shoots around that. The results were absolutely amazing. Martin took ordinary retail fixtures and turned them into beautiful works of art. As an added bonus, he did—inset shots—to show usage or extra detailing that our customers needed to see. Martin is an excellent photographer and highly skilled in Photoshop, who pays attention to the details and gives you the "WOW" factor every time.

Nichole Brabham
Business Development
Advantage Fixtures Retail Group

From the President/Owner,
In 2003, I began a new venture in the same industry. By this point, Martin was our Graphic Designer, our Web Designer and Photographer. He began work on the new company catalog and website. By this time, we both knew the routine. We worked in sync determining drawings, photos, text, placement and strategy. Again, we were very pleased with the end results.

In 2006, I acquired a new, proprietary product line in our industry, and again, Martin collaborated with me on how to best present it. We determined it needed its own website. Our work began again!

Over the years, I saw Martin’s work in photography grow. He went to several of my clients locations to take photos of our work for advertisement. The photos were extraordinary. I even had other clients call me up and ask if photos would be taken of their stores.

We just completed a rollout of new product concepts. Martin is currently busy taking photos of these. He is also beginning work on combining all the business catalogs he has produced for me into one as the three companies are merging.

Over the years, Martin and alpha & omega DESIGN has been a productive and valuable vendor providing extraordinary quality work. But more over, Martin has been a trusted advisor and ally in our quest to inform and enlighten our clients. That’s how you grow your business!

Holly Hubbard
Advantage Fixtures Retail Group
il Group



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